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Prof. Cecilia Metra

Professor, University of Bologna, IEEE Computer Society President-Elect 2018 (President 2019)

Reliability Challenges for High Performance Electronics in the Internet of Things Era

The continuous advances of microelectronic technology is enabling an increasingly widespread and pervasive use of electronics in our lives. The possibility to connect electronic circuits and systems to each other through the Internet, and to exchange information among them, thus constituting the Internet of Things – IoT, is paving the way to applications and features that were simply unthinkable a few years ago. However, the increased electronic systems’ complexity and performance offered by the advances in microelectronic technology, as well as their possible communication and cooperation in the IoT framework, comes together with their increased vulnerability to environmentally induced faults and ageing mechanisms occurring in the field, which pose continuously new challenges to their reliability. These reliability challenges, as well as possible solutions to face them, will be addressed in this talk.

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Cecilia Metra is a full professor at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she has worked since 1991, and from which she received a PhD in electronic engineering and computer science. In 2002, she was visiting faculty consultant for Intel Corporation.

She is the President-Elect of the IEEE Computer Society (CS) 2018 and President 2019. She has been a member of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors since 2013, and of the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation Board of Governors since 2015. She was 2017 vice president of CS Member and Geographic Activities, and served as CS Secretary in 2015 and Vice President for Technical and Conference Activities in 2014. She is the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (2018-2020) and she was Editor in Chief of Computing Now (2013-2016) and Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Computers (2007-2012). She is on the IEEE The Institute Advisory Board as well as on editorial boards of several journals, including IEEE Design&Test, Journal of Electronic Testing, and Design Automation for Embedded Systems.

She served as first vice chair of the Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC), chair of the TTTC Educational Program, and chair of the TTTC Communication Group. She contributed to numerous IEEE international conferences/symposia /workshops as general/program chair/co-chair (14 times), vice-general/program chair/co-chair (6 times), topic/track chair (34 times), and technical program committee member (91 times).

She has published extensively (185+ papers) on design for test and reliability of integrated circuits and systems. Her research has received public and private funding (from companies such as Intel Corporation, STMicroelectronics, etc.) at national and international levels. Her involvement with industry was also recognized by a joint patent with Philips Research.

Cecilia Metra is an IEEE Fellow, IEEE CS Golden Core Member, and a member of the IEEE Honor Society IEEE-HKN. She has received two Meritorious Service Awards and five Certificates of Appreciation from the IEEE CS.