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Motoaki Saito

Motoaki Saito



Plan to develop ExaScaler computing system with proprietary Processor, DRAM and Cooling technology

PEZY group is working very hard to push various developments to make ExaScale computing happen by its proprietary technologies. PEZY Computing is developing PEZY-SC2, which has 2,048 MIMD cores and 2TB/s TCI-IF for original 3D stacked DRAMs which is developed by UltraMemory. ExaScaler is about to introduce its 6th generation immersion liquid cooling Supercomputer system, ZettaScaler-2.0, in several months. If everything goes well, PEZY group will be able to launch 20-30 PetaFLOPS class Supercomputer in 2017, 100-200 PetaFLOPS system in 2018 and ExaFLOPS class system by 2019 with PEZY-SC3/ZettaScaler-3.0. In this session, PEZY group will introduce its on-going development and the plan to develop ExaScale Supercomputer utilizing proprietary key technologies.


Motoaki Saito, M.D./Ph.D. is founder and CEO/Chairman of several HPC, AI and Healthcare related venture companies including PEZY Computing, ExaScaler, UltraMemory and Deep Insights. PEZY Computing and ExaScaler co-developed 6 Supercomputers and dominated #1-#3 position of Green500 in June, 2015 ranking. Shoubu is a 1 PetaFLOPS system installed at RIKEN ACCC, which got 3 consecutive #1 positions till June, 2016. He started his first career as Radiologist at University of Tokyo Hospital in 1992. After developing series of innovative medical imaging devices and systems, he moved from Healthcare industry to HPC industry in 2010.