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Moriyuki Takamura/Toshiaki Kitamura

Oscar Tech


Redefining Memory Hierarchy

Computer performance tends to be governed not by the execution unit, but by the memory system with cache. It has turned out that cache memory system causes a poor computer performance. An innovative memory hierarchical concept with data structure-aware access method is presented.

Moriyuki Takamura

Biography: Moriyuki Takamura

2013: CTO, Oscar Technology Corporation
2004: Fellow, Fujitsu Laboratories Limited
2002: Senior Vice President, LSI Group, Fujitsu Limited
2001: General Manager, Embedded Processor, LSI Group, Fujitsu Limited
1994: General Manager, VPP Dept., HPC Group, Fujitsu Limited
1991: Director, VPP Supercomputer Dept., Information Systems Group, Fujitsu Limited
1970: Engaged in Development of Main Frame Computer and Vector Processor, Information Processing Group, Fujitsu Limited
Toshiaki Kitamura

Biography: Toshiaki Kitamura

2016: Fellow of Oscar technology Corporation and Professor Emeritus, Hiroshima City University. Member of IPSJ, IEICE, ACM, IEEE.
2002: Professor of Hiroshima City University, Faculty of Information Sciences.
2000: Associate professor of Kyoto University, media center.
1996: Doctor of engineering
1983: Left Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering, and join Fujitsu Ltd.
         Engaged General-purpose computer M-780, supercomputer VPP Series and SPARC processors at HAL computer systems.
1978: Graduated Kyoto University Department of Engineering, Faculty of information engineering.