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Eiji Ishida

Eiji Ishida

Deputy Director, Information Division, Research Promotion Bureau
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan


Platform Creation Project for Innovative Artificial Intelligence

In recent informatization that has brought surge of information processing with breakthrough of artificial intelligence, dissemination of variety of sensors/information devices and accumulation of big data and Internet of Things data, the fourth industrial revolution is globally ongoing at different dimension level from the impact the conventional informatization had on the society and industries. With this situation in mind, the Government of Japan has decided several strategic plans to promote researches aiming at creating a platform that facilitates consolidation of the AI, big data and IoT and its application to variety of social issues. The presentation overviews the platform creation project for innovative AI that looks ahead 10 years, focusing on some planned basic researches and potential application researches.


Eiji Ishida serves as Deputy Director of Information Science and Technology Development for MEXT, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. Ishida leads development of information science and technology including the research field of artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things as well as cybersecurity from a cross-cutting perspective. Ishida, whose initial involvement began as a technical official in the MIC, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, has a broad range of 17-year ICT-related experience, both as a domestic and an international civil servant. His commitment to civil service is evident from his many years of contributions to the telecommunications and ICT services. Before joining MEXT, Ishida served as Deputy Director of International Policy Division for MIC, where he pushed forward the collaboration with the Telecommunication Development Sector of ITU, International Telecommunication Union and the coordination of ICT related activities and projects across ITU member states. Previously, Ishida held a position in the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity located in Bangkok, Thailand as Programme Officer who is responsible for human resource development and telecommunications/ICT development projects. His diverse international work experience includes assignment at Japan International Cooperation Agency and Japan Bank for International Cooperation with a focus on Official Development Assistance projects for telecommunications/ICT development in a number of developing countries.