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Lecture from Professor Christophe Cérin, University of Paris on 22 April 2019

Date & Time 22 April 2019 15:00 - 16:00
Title Machine Learning for Smart Buildings on Heterogeneous Architecture
Venue Room 204, Building 40, Green Computing Systems Research and Development Center, Waseda University (Map
All Waseda students, faculty members, and the general public
Organizer The Frontier of Embodiment Informatics: ICT and Robotics, TGU (Top Global University), Waseda University

This presentation introduces, first, in a separate way, some issues and results we obtained during the past decade in Scheduling, Machine Learning, and Architecture, then, we explain how the context of Smart Buildings offers opportunities to glue main results to provide with a middleware able to manage the buildings. The key objective is to define and to implement the Operating System of the buildings, able to compute, to learn, to analyse, to monitor and to store, inside the buildings, all the data produced in the buildings, for privacy issues. This ongoing research is conducting with Qarnot Computing, a French SME, that initially was selling computing time slots on digital heaters at home, and which is now working on crypto heaters, digital irrigation for Smart Buildings. The concern of the presentation is thu, energy efficient computing, learning, analysis… as we had, two decades ago, with Desktop Grid Computing. This presentation was made possible thanks to the support of the French Embassy in Tokyo and corresponds to a joint effort with Mustapha Lebbah (Paris 13), Stephane Zuckerman (University of Cergy Pontoise), Yanik Ngoko (Qarnot), Tarek Menouer (now working with Umanis).

Christophe Cérin has been a professor of computer science at the University of Paris 13, France since 2005. In 2015, he was involved with an infrastructure project related to big data and high performance computing for e-sciences for USPC (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité). At Paris13, he chairs the board for the cluster computing facility available to all campus scientists and he chaired (2011-2016) the ‘Expert Committee’ in charge of recruiting and mentoring full time junior and senior professors in computer science. His current industrial experience includes serving as local chair for the Wolphin project (Alterway, Gandhi, Objectif Libre and Sorbonne University). His recent industrial experience was with the Wendelin and Resilience projects related to Cloud and Big-Data. He is also active with RSU (Rèves de 19 Scènes Urbaines – industrial demonstrator for sustainable cities), with Qarnot Computing and with Umanis. His research focuses on High Performance Computing, including Grid and Cloud Computing and he develops middleware, algorithms, tools and methods for distributed systems. Find more information on http://lipn.univ-paris13.fr/~cerin/