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March 17, Special Lecture by Prof. Foutse Khomh, Polytechnique Montreal, “Research Trends of Software Engineering for Machine learning application”

Date & Time March 17, 2023, Friday 19:00 - 20:00
Title Research Trends of Software Engineering for Machine learning application
Venue Building 63, Room 0506 | Live online
Waseda University Students, Faculty, Staff and General public
Organizer JST-Mirai "Engineerable AI Techniques for Practical Applications of High-Quality Machine Learning-based Systems"
Waseda University Global Software Engineering Laboratory
Sponsor Top Global University Project: Waseda Goes Global Frontier of Embodiment Informatics: ICT and Robotics

Foutse Khomh is a Professor of Software Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal (Canada) where he leads the SWAT Lab. on software analytics, machine learning systems engineering, and cloud engineering research. He is also FRQ-IVADO Research Chair on Software Quality Assurance for Machine Learning Applications and Academic Associate Member at MILA. Prior to these positions, He was a Research Fellow at Queen’s University (Canada), working with the Software Reengineering Research Group and the NSERC/RIM Industrial Research Chair in Software Engineering of Ultra Large Scale Systems. He received a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Montreal, under the supervision of Yann-Gael Gueheneuc, with the Award of Excellence. He also received a CS-Can/Info-Can Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Prize for 2019. His research interests include software maintenance and evolution, cloud engineering, service-centric software engineering, empirical software engineering, and software analytics.