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Yushi WANG

Portrait Visiting period April to May 2018
Visiting university Laval University
Visiting country and region Quebec, Canada

Content of the study program

I had the opportunity to meet Prof. Clément Gosselin of the Laval University Robotics Laboratory. We share many similar research themes, so we talked about the possibility of joint research during my stay. While I was staying in Quebec, I participated in research activities in the laboratory like one of his team members. Since I have my own research themes, the professor met with me each week in order to help me with my own problems. At the temperature got warmer, the people from the laboratory invited me to join them playing sports each day after our research. Because of this, we became well acquainted with one another. I made many new friends and improved my research ability.

Study results

The research I am doing is very similar to the research theme of my host lab, but they have been using different methods to solve the same kind of problems. When I visited their laboratory on this occasion, they showed me a device they had invented. This was an entirely different experience from reading their paper, as I was able to see the details of the device with my own eyes; what's more, they were able to ask questions that they did not write in their paper. Most importantly, I learned to think about a topic from a different perspective. Furthermore, I learned numerous skills that I will be able to use in my research going forward.

My experience abroad

In Quebec, French is the only official language. Because everything is written in French, it was really difficult for me when I first arrived. I could not even understand what was written on menus. I gradually made friends, so they helped me with my study of French. In the second half of my study abroad, I learned simple words and phrases that were very helpful. Previously, I had not expected to learn another language, so this made me incredibly happy. Furthermore, I studied Quebec's history and culture, and experienced a different culture of tipping to that of Japan.

Influence on my future career

Experience overseas is important in a globalized world. I had the opportunity on this occasion to visit a laboratory abroad, and I felt that I was able to understand a different way of thinking about many things, and to comprehend a different culture. In the future, I believe it will be easier for me to work in a multicultural environment.