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Portrait Visiting period September to October 2015
Visiting university University of Connecticut
Visiting country and region Connecticut, USA

Content of the study program

At the laboratory where I studied, I was engaged in designing a low-cost fetal model that could be used in developing countries to evaluate whether the heart rate monitor for fetuses is working correctly. More concretely, we used an amplifier to solve the problem of an insufficient sound output from a speaker and measured the output of the modified volume or heart rate. Additionally, to create a fetal model, we closely examined the measurement conditions so that they could be identical to those used for real pregnant women. Along with others in the laboratory, my work suggested that the damping factor, which other academic papers considered necessary, is not necessary after all.

Study results

I learned the importance of understanding and examining academic papers by myself. My project while in the United States was to continue on one of my existing project. I designed a fetal model, which used the same measurement conditions as those for real pregnant women, but I was not convinced that the damping factor of the sound source modeling an early-stage fetus needs to be set to the same measurement condition as a real pregnant woman. My work demonstrated that this damping factor need not be taken into consideration, allowing the structure of the fetal model to be simplified, and consequently realizing a more economical fetal model.

I investigated a large volume of past references in order to verify my hypothesis that the structure could be simplified. Although I could not find any literature that seemed to support my hypothesis, I was able to devise an experiment to verify whether the structure could be simplified, paving the way to simplify the structure.

My experience abroad

As my daily routine provided me with sufficient free time, I decided to join various evening activities, allowing me to meet people, experience a difficult culture, and improve my English skills. More concretely, I joined activities held by such clubs as the Karate Club and the Japan Club. I truly enjoyed the opportunities to casually interact with others. This experience has been invaluable.

Influence on my future career

Before participating in this program, I always assumed my only option was to begin working after obtaining a Master’s degree. However, I met many students in the Master’s and doctoral programs and they often told me about the advantages. I am now seriously considering continuing my studies in the doctoral program.