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No Photo Visiting period August to October 2015
Visiting university Singapore University of Technology and Design
Visiting country and region Singapore

Content of the study program

To verify the time and cost of production, I produced microchannels using a cutting plotter, laminator, and laminate films. In addition, I examined how to pour a liquid into the microchannels I produced. Using a U-shaped item produced with a PDMS 3D printer, which was designed to produce softer things than ordinary models, I successfully poured a liquid in a channel without spilling. Then as an application, I produced a T-shaped channel, and made water droplets in oil by pouring water and oil through two inlets.

Study results

Because this research was in a different field than I study in Japan, it reaffirmed my belief that it is important to fully understand the background before defining research goals. This experience made me keenly aware of the value of a thorough literature search to explain how your research contributes to the field and fits in the grand scheme.

In addition, I learned to use all the experimental results when analyzing the data and drawing conclusions. Although I knew this before traveling abroad, it was very difficult for me to use experimental results that deviated from my initial expectations. However, by studying a different field, I realized that the obtained experimental results rarely meet the initial expectations in any research project.

My experience abroad

As for my language skills, I am no longer hesitant to speak in English spontaneously. Even if I sometimes use expressions that are not completely clear, I feel that others can understand me when I speak. However, I think I need to practice listening as I am not sure my skills are completely adequate.

Thanks to this experience abroad, I feel that the barrier between foreigners is gone. This was my first overseas experience. Because the local students treated me very kindly, I now actively engage those coming to Japan from overseas laboratories, especially those participating in exchange programs.

Influence on my future career

My participation in this program has made me realize the importance of speaking and listening in English. I met several people for whom English is not their native language, but they spoke English fluently and easily. Although my language skills improved immensely, I am still not proficient. Now I am seriously considering taking leave of absence from the Master’s program to study English abroad for a semester or two. I want to be able to communicate with others in English with the same ease that I do in Japanese.