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Portrait Visiting period September to December 2016
Visiting university Nanyang Technological University
Visiting country and region Singapore

Content of the study program

I participated in a short-term exchange program at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore through the Top Global University Project (SGU). I was accepted by Dr. Hirotaka Sato, who leads a research group in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. For 99 days, I collaborated with team members to complete my research.

Study results

I investigated the basic characteristics of an insect’s response to light in an effort to develop a device to control insects in flight. My research was divided into two major topics. The first was to attract insects to turn using an LED. The second was to determine the role of insect sight during flight. I was able to get insects to turn using an LED, and the results regarding the role of insect sight on flight, which supported my hypothesis.

My experience abroad

Although I have traveled overseas during family vacations, I had no prior experience being overseas for a long period of time. Additionally, I had never traveled abroad alone. Thus, deciding on my accommodations and modes of transportation was a first-time experience.
I chose to reside with a home-stay family , and was fully immersed in English. Although the full immersion in English and cultural differences were perplexing at times, I was able to communicate using my poor English and body language. I eventually grew accustomed to the new environment. The relationships that I built in Singapore reaffirmed my views on the good things about Japan.

Influence on my future career

This exchange program allowed me to experience the country and culture of Singapore. While contact with other cultures heightened my awareness of other countries and changed my perspective about Japan, it also reaffirmed my views on the good things about Japan. Although I do not have a specific job in mind, I want my job to incorporate the good things about Japan that I become keenly aware of through my foreign exchange experience.

Other comments

I am grateful for the support I received through the foreign exchange policy. The financial support allowed me to live comfortably while abroad. I did not meet many other Japanese people at Nanyang Technical University. However, I believe that enhancements to policies supporting support foreign exchanges for Japanese students like the SGU will provide new avenues of advancement for many Japanese students. Living in a foreign environment has opened my eyes to new perspectives, which I would not have had otherwise and helped me to discover my passion.