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Portrait Visiting period January to March 2018
Visiting university Northumbria University
Visiting country and region New Castle, UK

Content of the study program

In this program, I conducted research in the field of computer graphics under Hubert Shum, at Northumbria University in Newcastle, United Kingdom, for approximately two months.

Study results

In the group led by Hubert Shum, there was a meeting once a week, and I struggled very much to follow the discussions we had at these, in terms of both the pace and the English used. However, I strove to be sure and ask questions when there was an opportunity to do so, and eventually, I became able to speak out even in the discussions. What's more, when I worked to proactively ask questions to people in the laboratory, I received a lot of advice about fundamental matters, such as how to read, understand, write and present papers, as well as the contents of the research. I wanted to increase the time I spent speaking English as much as possible, so the fact that I strove to create opportunities to talk wherever I could resulted in my learning a variety of things.

My experience abroad

This was the first time I had stayed abroad, not on a trip. The place I stayed, Newcastle is a small city where a short walk brings one to a great deal of nature, such as river and horses, so I was able to spend my time stress-free. Before I went, I felt very anxious, but the members of the laboratory were kind, and the people I met were friendly, so I managed to pass each day with no particular inconveniences. On Friday nights, the members of the lab would make food from various countries, which is a lovely memory. Basically, my time was spent doing nothing but research, but on the final weekend, I went on a sightseeing trip to Edinburgh. The city itself is like something out of a storybook. To someone such as myself, who loves books, this time was like a dream come true.

Influence on my future career

I have not really thought that deeply about the future, but I wondered whether there would be an option to work overseas in the present study trip. There were members in my laboratory who had come from a variety of countries, including the Czech Republic and Greece, so we talked often about the differences between our countries. There were numerous surprises for me, and I had to rethink my views, to realize that there are diverse senses of values around the world.

More than simply feeling that it would be nice to travel overseas, this was a good opportunity to naturally find the possibilities of living in various other countries. While spending time with the members who were my superior, I was happy that I was connected with people of different countries and cultures through our research, and I developed a forward-facing attitude toward study and research, that I want to study more and engage in more varied conversation.

Other comments

I am extremely grateful for the support I received from SGU. If I had not had this chance, I do not think I would have felt the desire to try studying anywhere other than Japan, and I feel that the possibility of going abroad would not have entered into my future plans. I am very thankful also to Hubert Shum and everyone in the laboratory who accepted me on this occasion, as well as Prof. Morishima who supported me, and everyone at the university who helped with the procedures. Until I went on this, I was anxious of what was possible with my own abilities, but I now feel very glad that I went, so I would definitely like many more individuals to seize this opportunity.